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Activity table

Activity type Description

Current Rating: Neutral

Extremely Active This is the most active I could be on BetaArchive Wiki. If there are no other plans for my day, I will spend at least 98% of it on the wiki. Either improving a page, browsing the forums, or just yapping in the forums. At this rating, I'm more than likely to accomplish 50 or more edits.
Active This is one of the common ratings for me. I still have most of my day free, and have nothing better to do. If this rating keeps up, I'll be moved to the Extremely Active rating. At this rating, I'm definite to get at least 30 edits in.
Neutral I'm still quite active in terms of things, but other situations may pull me away from BetaArchive Wiki for an short amount of time. I'll be able to push in a few hours at least every day on the wiki, and if I do not succeed this pattern; I'll be moved to Inactive. At this rating, the most I can push is 15 edits.
Inactive I don't edit much, it's all a matter of scrolling through the wiki to see what I can kill a few minutes with. If I reach this rate, things going on in reality have tugged me a little more than neutral, and I need all the time I can get to shift back in order. At this rate, I'll only be making 7-10 edits.
Very Inactive I'm nearing retirement now. If I ever hit this point, you will barely be seeing me contributing to the wiki, if not doing nothing at all. Life has pushed me far past my time of being on this wiki. At this rate, I will only be able to maintain 4-5 edits.
Semi-Retired This is as close as I can get before retiring. Words cannot explain how inactive I am, and there seems to be no pattern of my activity anymore. I am no longer interested in this wiki, much more BetaArchive Wiki and probably have moved on to better things. At this rate, only 1-2 edits will be accomplished.
Retired I've reached the end of the line with BetaArchive Wiki. I will be confirming my leave/retirement by changing my rating to this stage, and will be leaving a typed up note on my talk page explaining why I am making my leave. At this rate, no edits will be made.