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This is my sandbox.


Credit to Leaderboard (X010)

<quiz display=simple> {The latest version of Windows is |type="()"} + Windows 10 - Windows 8 - Windows 7 - MS-DOS

{The codename for Windows XP is |type="()"} - Longhorn || That is the codename for Windows Vista - Neptune + Whistler - Vienna

{Which of the following is FALSE? |type="()"} - System Restore was first introduced in Windows Me + The Windows 3.1 Program Manager was removed in Windows XP RTM || It was actually removed in Windows XP SP3 - The gap between Windows XP and Windows Vista is the longest between any two Windows operating systems after Windows 95 || It took over 5 years, which is the longest. - The build number for Windows 8 Developer Preview is 8102

{The Windows Insider Program was launched in |type="()"} - 2013 + 2014 - 2015 - 2016

{What is the build number of the below picture: Chicago122.png |type="()"} + 122 - 189 - 216 - 337

{The build number of Windows 98 RTM is closest to |type="()"} - 999 || That is the build number of Windows 95 - 1525 - 1721 + 1999

{The last version of Windows to support Real Mode was |type="()"} - Windows 2x + Windows 3x - Windows 3.1x || Support was dropped with the official Beta 1. - Windows 95

{Consider a graph with x axis being the offset from the first known Longhorn build and y axis being the overall deviation from that build. Then that graph most corresponds to |type="()"} - normal distribution || That graph does not account for the fact that the reset occurred - builds just after that had little difference with Windows XP (and hence the first Longhorn builds) - logarithmic || That graph does not account for the fact that the reset occurred, and also assumes that development slowed down significantly as time went on, which we know is not the case. - x2=4ay || That graph is invalid as it does not assume that the reset even occurred, with changes 'shooting' up as time went. + y = sqrt(x); 0<=x<n; y = sqrt(x-n); n<=x<=2n </quiz>