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Half-Life/Alpha build 676

From BetaArchive Wiki

Half-Life: Day One (build 676, August 31, 1998) is an OEM demo of Half-Life. It contains the first day of the storyline, from Black Mesa Inbound to We've Got Hostiles. There were at least two builds of Day One: 676 (August 31, 1998) and 852 (February 23, 1999). Only build 676 is currently available on BetaArchive FTP.

The demo has some minor differences from the retail version of Half-Life. They are listed on Half-Life: Day One page at Combine OverWiki.

Build strings

Software Build 676
Exe: 21:36:27 Aug 31 1998
OpenGL Build 676
Exe: 21:33:24 Aug 31 1998
Console Half-Life 1.0 Alpha build 676

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