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Surgeon Simulator 2 ( (2019-10-31) (pre-alpha) [Playtest Build 10]

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Release Date 2021/08/28
Last Modified 2021/08/28
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Bossa Labs Pre-Alpha Playtest Build #10 - 31st October - 11th November

‘All Aboard the Onboarding Train!’’

Step right this way for your first-class ticket to the next Bossa Labs playtest session!

Whether this is your maiden voyage or you’re an experienced operator, we’ve got plenty of features to stimulate your cerebellum, tickle your trachea, fascinate your follicles...and other such medical metaphors!

As you may have guessed by the title, a large focus of this playtest is to get all aspects of the game streamlined and improved. A crucial piece of feedback we’ve received since the last playtest was the need to improve the first-time user experience of Labs. We heard you loud and clear so we’ve constructed a tutorial level just for that.

There’s also a whole cocktail of enhancements to our beloved Creation Tool too, including loads of new props, new decorations, new level palette feature and a whole bunch of quality of life changes. There’s so much to play with in this update and we can’t wait to see what you folks create!

Major Changes

 Tutorial Level added, which triggers on launching the game.
 Lobby streamlined.
 Older levels in game revamped and polished.
 Level Objectives field added.
 Texture System improved: New Level Palette feature. Select up to 30 textures to use in your level. Textures in the Hotbar are no longer linked to textures in world!
 Circuits can now be duplicated, including in Group Selection.
 Prop Properties can now be edited for multiple objects in Group Selection.
 Improvements to Logic and Physics; should improve niggles with button states.
 New Cosmetic Props - e.g. stacked plates, rubber ducks, new and improved plants and hedges.
 New Architectural Props - stairs, railings, modular reception desk.
 New Gameplay Props - Organ Vendor Terminal, Item Detector, Trampoline.
 Major Audio Pass - New and improved impact sounds for many props.


Coming Soon


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