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Windows "Longhorn" Server Beta 3 was released by Microsoft on April 25, 2007. It was available as a public download or in MSDN/Technet and Microsoft Connect.

New features according to Microsoft:

  • Windows PowerShell is now included in the product.
  • Active Directory Federation Services improvements allow customers to implement new policies and make it easier to set up a relationship between trusted partners.
  • The Server Core installation option now comes with additional roles and enhanced functionality, such as print services and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services.
  • The Server Manager console includes additional remote administration tools to provide a more integrated management environment.
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, now on by default, provides a persistent and more secure environment beginning at installation.
  • NAP is integrated with Microsoft Update and Windows Update to enable administrators to decide which updates are critical and set policies accordingly. It also has a new administrative interface for simplified setup, scalability and better performance.

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