Windows 95/4.00.224

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Build of Windows 95
Windows 95 224 Fre English.PNG
Kernel 4.00
Architecture x86
BIOS date October 28, 1994
Key Beta ID: 186349
Password: 94730fb34
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Windows 95 build 224 is a Beta 2 build of Windows 95, compiled on 28th October 1994. It was released on Fall COMDEX 1994. It is very similar to build 222.


Installing from Windows 95 Boot Floppy
1. Prepare Disk with fdisk.exe, reboot, then format. C:
2. Change to the CD-ROM and enter the RETAIL directory.
3. Run setup.exe from the CD-ROM.
4. Accept the default settings and fill in required information then continue to the file copying process. You may also customize the features to be installed.
5. When complete, remove the floppy and reboot.

Checked/Debug Problems

This build exists in both free and checked/debug versions, its SDK is also available. However, the checked/debug version has issues booting with checked USER.EXE. To fix it USER.EXE from the free release needs to replace the checked USER.EXE.

Some information about why Windows won't boot using checked USER.EXE after lot of kernel-debugging:

  • The free USER32.DLL, when loading the Segment 21h from USER.EXE, which has the "Debug Windows 4.00.224" string. It checks for a word inside the segment to ensure it's valid. It should have a value of 0EAAh, but unfortunately the value taken is 6763h ("gc" in ASCII). Hence it'll lead to invalid paging of the segment. Because of that Windows will show a BSOD.
  • After changing the pointer to correct position, you'll be able to see the GUI with the watermark "Debug Windows" in right-bottom. However, hWnd pointers are done inside the same segment, hence EXPLORER.EXE will fail to load and will show an error or send "Invalid hWnd" to the kernel debugger. Setting the hWnd in debugger to 0 will let it run explorer.exe, though some issues remain (including system time in the taskbar).

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