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{{infobox Buildinfo
{{infobox Buildinfo
|image = Nopicture.png
|image = Windows NT 5.0.1796.png
|imagecaption = Windows NT 5.0.1796.1
|imagecaption = Windows NT 5.0.1796.1
|kernel = NT 5.0
|kernel = NT 5.0

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Windows NT 5.0.1796.png
Windows NT 5.0.1796.1
Kernel version NT 5.0
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Client - Workstation
BIOS date 30 April (04) 1998
Key and TCB link {{{tcb_link}}}

Known issues


  • The original ISO is bootable, however soon after it boots an error (BSOD) shows up and computer reboots. This build has to be installed either by booting computer from floppy disk (for example using Windows 98 boot disk) or hard disk (for example using existing DOS installation) and then launching \I386\WINNT.EXE from the 1585.1 CD. It is also possible to upgrade from existing Windows NT 4 installation.


  • FDC.SYS, the floppy disk controller driver, may cause problems and BSODs every time few minutes after launching Windows. If it does, try to just rename or delete this file.