Windows 10 Mobile

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Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 10 Mobile's (10586.11) Start Screen
Preliminary name
Windows "10 for Phones"
Kernel version NT 10.0
CPU architecture IA-32, ARM
Release date December 17, 2015
Support end Continuous
Preceded by Windows Phone 8.1
Succeeded by TBA

Windows 10 Mobile is an edition of the Windows 10 operating system. This edition of Windows 10 is a mobile operating system that succeeds Windows Phone 8.1 and is designed for smartphones and small tablets under 8 inches in screen size, running on ARM as well as IA-32 processor architectures.

The first Technical Preview for Windows 10 Mobile was made available for download to select Lumia smartphones as of February 12, 2015. Additional Lumia devices were supported in subsequent builds. Versions released after Build 10080, released on May 14, 2015, also work on the Windows Phone variant of the HTC One (M8). Although the M8 is currently the only non-Lumia Windows Phone included in the preview program as of build 10149 released on June 24, 2015, Microsoft has assured that future builds will add support for more non-Nokia, non-Microsoft Windows Phones, though not all devices will be included. No release date for the final version has been announced; Joe Belfiore confirmed that due to how the OS is being developed, it will not be released in parallel with PC editions of the platform.


Build 10014

  1. Start screen can now use a full screen background image.
  2. Action Center gets an expanded mode to see more settings.
  3. Interactive notifications introduced, allowing the user to reply directly from a text message for instance.
  4. Speech to text capability improved.
  5. Photos app improved.
  6. Users can launch Windows Feedback by pressing the Power and Volume Down keys.

Build 10051

  1. More devices supported.
  2. Early version of Project Spartan(Microsoft Edge) included.
  3. Most major apps updated, with many new features introduced.
  4. App switcher updated and improved.
  5. Fixed multiple bugs.

Build 10052

  1. Multiple bugs fixed.

Build 10080

  1. Supports more devices, and the first non-Lumia device.
  2. Windows Store Beta for Phones introduced.
  3. New Office Preview apps can be downloaded.
  4. Xbox for Windows 10 app can now be downloaded on phones.
  5. Music and Video Preview apps introduced.
  6. Camera app redesigned.
  7. Some bug fixes.

Build 10130

  1. Multiple minor UI based changes.
  2. Improvements to Cortana.
  3. Mew features added to the Camera and Photos apps, with numerous fixes.
  4. Improvements made to one-hand use.
  5. Multiple other bug fixes.

Build 10149

  1. Microsoft Edge introduced, replacing Project Spartan and adding some features.
  2. Multiple UI improvements and fixes.
  3. Improved Cortana.
  4. The flash of the phone can now be turned on from the Action Center.
  5. Photos app updated, now supports animated GIF images.
  6. Automatic camera upload is now managed via the OneDrive app.
  7. Fixed many bugs.

Build 10166

  1. Multiple bug fixes.
  2. Battery icon size increased.

Build 10512

  1. Speed and performance increased.
  2. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10536

  1. Insider Hub has been reintroduced.
  2. Bug fixed preventing mobile hotspot access.
  3. Voice input updated to support Japanese/English India speech.
  4. Multiple other bug fixes in many apps and features.
  5. Photos app updated.
  6. One-handed mode introduced and made available for all devices, can be invoked by holding down Start button.
  7. Windows Feedback as an universal app is now available for Windows Mobile.

Build 10549

  1. Cortana is improved, supports more locations.
  2. Messaging app now includes a text box which can be expanded.
  3. More emojis added.
  4. Lumia Camera is no longer uninstalled when updated from Windows Phone 8.1(for Lumia 1020)
  5. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10572

  1. Missed call notifications can now be seen between PC/Phone using Cortana. Uber support is also added.
  2. Skype and messaging integration introduced.
  3. Offline maps can now be saved to an SD card.
  4. Improvements to the Photos app, with new features added.
  5. Multiple improvements to the Storage app.
  6. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10581

  1. Multiple bug fixes.
  2. Battery life improved.
  3. Performance improvements.

Build 10586.11

  1. Multiple bug fixes.
  2. Users should see less 'Resuming...'.

Build 10586.29

  1. Multiple improvements to performance, including for devices with limited space.
  2. Application backward compatibility has been improved for Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight apps.
  3. Edge has been significantly improved.
  4. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10586.36

  1. Minor bug fixes


NOTE: At this time, it is not known whether the bugs listed below actually apply to the latest build (10586.36).

With the current build (10586),

  1. Users upgrading from Build 10581 may experience a situation where the phone enters into a reboot loop, forcing a reset.
  2. The tile for Insider Hub is still present but does not open as Insider Hub is unavailable in Build 10586.