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Windows 10

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Windows 10 Build 10166.png
Windows 10 build 10166's Desktop
Preliminary name
Windows "Threshold"
Kernel version NT 10.0
CPU architecture x86, x64, ARM
Release date expected in 2015
Support end Not Released Yet
Preceded by Windows 8.1
Succeeded by Currently the latest

Windows 10 is the upcoming successor to the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. Windows 10 intends to address some of the complaints that were made in response to the user interface in Windows 8. Screenshots of Windows 10 build 9834 were released on September 11, 2014 which show a revised Start menu interface which combines the Start Menu and Start Screen, and additional improvements to the Windows operating system. Build 9925/9926 was forked to build 10000 on January 19, 2015 (Source).


Build 9834/9841

  1. New start menu, containing elements from Windows 7 and 8.1
  2. New Multi-Desktop mode, allowing users to 'have' multiple desktops.
  3. New Search pane on the taskbar.
  4. PC Settings has been updated, introducing placeholders for new features such as Battery Saver and Data Sense
  5. Allows a fallback to the Windows 8.1 Start Menu(allows users to switch between the Start menu and the Start screen)
  6. New Windows Insider(Build 9841) app launched for Windows Insider members.
  7. Store apps can now minimize and maximize like a normal desktop app in Windows.
  8. Charms bar does not work in the Start menu mode anymore, instead it can be selected from the list of options on the upper-left corner of the app(also new).
  9. Allows Windows to update automatically to newer builds.

Build 9860

  1. Introduces the Notification Bar.
  2. Introduces another PC Settings for testing(zPC Settings).
  3. Shows the option on PC Settings on how fast you want the builds.
  4. Includes a hidden new logon screen that must be activated via the registry - discovered by BetaArchive user ReztaNZ.

Build 9879

  1. Introduces the 'Send a Frown' option on Internet Explorer.
  2. Improves on the Notification Center.
  3. User interface changes on Windows Store apps.
  4. An animation is shown when users switch between programs.

Build 9888

  1. FLAC decoding is now embedded into the Windows platform; allowing applications such as Windows Media Player and the Music app to natively support FLAC playback.

Build 9901

  1. Cortana is now shown on the desktop.
  2. UI changes to the Windows taskbar to allow for Cortana.
  3. Introduces new betas of some apps, such as Camera.
  4. Windows Store app has been redesigned.

Build 9926

  1. Cortana is now enabled by default in the EN-US iterations of this Build. Other regions/Countries; Cortana displays a message saying: "Not available in your Country yet".
  2. Spartan Browser is Not in this build, however Spartan's web engine can be enabled in Internet explorer by entering "about:flags" and enabling experimental features.
  3. This is the first public build to have continuum start menu fully functional.
  4. Windows Update CPL has been moved to the Modern UI app "settings".

Build 10041

  1. The Start menu has been further improved.
  2. The Notification bar can now show links to the commonly settings.
  3. The Settings App was improved.
  4. Tablet Mode was further enhanced.
  5. The upgrade screen(after 1st restart) has changed, now showing detailed progress of each level.

Build 10049

  1. Transparency introduced on the Start screen.
  2. Cortana support improved
  3. The Store has been updated.
  4. This is the first official build to feature the new 'successor' to Internet Explorer, now known as Microsoft Edge. It was called as Project Spartan then.

Build 10061

  1. Fixed serious scaling issue on Metro apps observed in 10041 and 10049
  2. The Mail app was redesigned to provide for a better design layout and better support.
  3. The Tablet mode was further improved on.

Build 10074

  1. Fixed severe bug on 10061(Win32 based apps would not launch from the Start screen).
  2. Partial Aero reintroduced through the Start menu as a 50:50 chance for a user.
  3. The Multi-Desktop feature now allows you to create virtually unlimited desktops and not be limited by display space.
  4. Developer and side loading mode can now be directly enabled through the Settings app, but the Developer license feature is broken in this build.
  5. Power icon moved to the bottom in the Start screen.
  6. Miscellaneous design improvements to Wi-Fi and Power popups.


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Pre-Technical Preview

Technical Preview 1

Technical Preview 2

Insider Preview

Pre-Release To Manufacturing

Release to Manufacturing


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