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Using CVW on an IBM PS/2 or Other 8514/a System

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Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • Microsoft CodeView 3.05
  • Microsoft CodeView 4.0
  • Microsoft CodeView 4.1

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CodeView for Windows (CVW.EXE) requires a dual monitor configuration. On most systems, a secondary monochrome display and adapter card meet this requirement. IBM PS/2 systems are an exception to this rule because there are currently no monochrome cards that are compatible with the Microchannel architecture of the PS/2. Because of this, running CVW on an IBM PS/2 system requires both an 8514/a (PS/2 compatible) card and an 8514/a monitor, in addition to a VGA card and monitor. Depending on the model of PS/2, the VGA adapter may be built-in, rather than a separate card.


Owners of non-PS/2 systems may also opt for this configuration because the resolutions available with the 8514/VGA are higher than with a color/monochrome setup.

To use this 8514/VGA configuration, the /8 (8514/a) option must be specified when invoking CVW. In addition, the /B (black and white) option must be used if a monochrome VGA adapter is used.

In other words, when using a color VGA adapter, CodeView must be invoked as follows:

CVW /8 appname.exe

When using a monochrome VGA adapter, CodeView must be invoked as follows:

CVW /8 /b appname.exe

The 8514/a monitor will be the Windows display and the VGA monitor will serve as the debugging display.

Optionally, the /25, /43, or /50 options can be specified for either 25-, 43-, or 50-line mode, respectively, on the VGA debugging screen. 50-line mode is the default.

For 80386 based systems, the SDK INSTALL program automatically adds the line "device=windebug.386" to the [386enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file for debugging information.

Pages 7-2 and 7-5 of the "Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Tools" manual outline the requirements for CVW and for setting up a dual monitor system, respectively.

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