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Link Method Causes Unexpected Increase in .EXE File Size

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Article Last Modified on 10/23/2003


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The method used to link a program determines the size of the resulting executable file. For example, command line one below produces an executable file much larger than that produced by command line two:

  1. link file1.obj file2.obj library.lib;
  2. link file1.obj file2.obj,,,library.lib;

In command line one, the library name is listed in the same field as the object modules. A library in the object module filed is referred to as a "load library" instead of a "regular library." LINK automatically includes every module in a load library into the executable file; it does not search for unresolved external references first.

A load library is useful if each module is required by the resulting application. By using a load library, you are not required to enter the name of each module on the LINK command line.

Command line two instructs the linker to include only the object modules from the library that are necessary to resolve any external references.

For more information on this process, refer to Article 20 in the "MS-DOS Encyclopedia" (Microsoft Press), particularly pages 701-702. Note, however, that this book is currently out of print.

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