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QuickWatch in QuickC 2.50 Provides Easy Structure Expansion PSS ID Number: Q58681 Article last modified on 01-15-1991 PSS database name: S_QuickC




QuickC Version 2.50 provides users with the QuickWatch capability, which is a new interface for examining and changing the contents of structures. The QuickWatch is actually a dialog box that gives you faster access to variables and expressions than was available through Debug.WatchValue.

More Information:

The QuickWatch dialog box has the following fields:

The Expression Field

Can be an expression or a variable. The expression displayed can be selected from the list box.

The Value Field

Can be contents of the variable or the result of an expression in the expression field.

The List Box

Can be the expanded list of an array or a structure, displaying the names of the array members or structure elements. To denote levels of expansion, nested elements are indented one space.

The QuickWatch dialog box has the following buttons:


If the expression contains an array or a structure, the <Zoom> button will display the array member or structure element names in the list box. If an array or structure is already “zoomed” the <Zoom> button will contract the expression. The default is “zoomed” one level.


When the <Evaluate> button is selected, the current expression will be made the base expression and will be expanded if applicable. For instance, if a node of a linked list is shown in the expression field and <Evaluated> is selected, the node will become the base and its members will be displayed.

<Add Watch>

When <Add Watch> is selected, the current expression will be added to the Watch window. If the expression already exists in the Watch window, <Add Watch> will have no effect. Note that <Add Watch> does not have any visual feedback indicating success or failure.

<Modify Value>

Values can be modified in a QuickWatch dialog via <Modify Value>. The same rules apply to the QuickWatch <Modify Value> as to Debug.Modify.

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