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Works 2.00: Using Macros Created with MS-Key

PSS ID Number: Q51217 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

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Macros created with the Works Version 1.x MS-Key program cannot be accessed directly in Works Version 2.00, but instead must be copied into a text file named MACROS.INI. Works 1.x allows you to give a macro file any name, but Works 2.00 recognizes only the name MACROS.INI. In addition, due to differences in menus and other options in Works 2.00, macros brought over from MS-Key will likely require editing to function correctly.

If you have not yet created any macros in Works 2.00, rename the MS-Key file containing your macros to MACROS.INI, and copy this file into the Works 2.00 directory. You can now load the MACROS.INI text file into the Word Processor for editing. At any time, if you want to test a macro, resave the MACROS.INI file, close it, and press the keycode for the macro. If the macro does not complete all the desired steps, more editing is required.

If you have already created macros in Works 2.00 and want to add macros that you created with MS-Key, you must open MACROS.INI and your MS-Key macro file as two separate Word Processor files and copy the macro text from the MS-Key macro file into MACROS.INI. Once again, you must check each macro to see if editing is required.

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