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IBM PS/2 Model 70-E61 Specifications PSS ID Number: Q50190 Article last modified on 02-13-1992 PSS database name: W_Win3

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PS/2 Model 70-E61, Feature/Specification Comparison to AT/339

The following table compares the standard and optional features, as well as technical product specifications, of the PS/2 Model 70-E61 with the AT Model 339, which it replaced. This comparison illustrates the major improvement in the PS/2 product line over the PC product line. The more significant enhancements are highlighted by asterisks (*). Footnotes are explained at the bottom of the table. Note: Change bars (|) in the right margin indicate revisions. Last Revision: 7/27/89.

Description 8570E61 5170339 ————————– ————– ————–

Architecture: MCA AT Microprocessor 80386 80286 Clock Speed 16 MHz 8 MHz Instruction Set 32 bit 16 bit Addressing 32 Bit 24 Bit I/O Channel Width 32/16 Bit 16/8 Bit Interrupt Levels 16 16 Type Level-sensitive Edge-triggered DMA Channels 8 7 Bus Masters Supported 15 No Matched Memory Cycle Yes No Page Memory Logic Yes No BIOS Date 01/29/88 11/15/85 BIOS Model/Submodel/Revis. F8/09/00 FC/01/00

Memory: Standard (Planar) 1MB(a) 512K Maximum (Planar) 6MB(a) 512K Maximum (System) 16 MB (a) 16MB Memory Chip Speed (ns) 100/85 (b) 150 Memory Chip Type DRAM DRAM Memory Cache Controller No No Wait States: Planar 0-2 1 Adapter 0-2 1 Memory Chips Used: Planar 1MB/2 MB SIP 256K Socketed

Planar Functions: ROM Size 128K 64K ROM Shadowing Yes No Opt. Math Coprocessor 80387 80287 Coprocessor Speed 16.0 MHz 5.33 MHz Standard Graphics VGA Optional (c) Maximum Graphics 8514/A (c) VGA (c) RS232C Serial Ports 1 1 (d) UART Chip Used NS16550A NS16450 Maximum Speed (bits/sec) 19,200 9,600 FIFO Mode Enabled Yes N/A Maximum Ports Supported 8 2 Pointing Device Ports 1 Optional (c) Parallel Printer Ports 1 1 (c) Bidirectional Yes N/A CMOS Clock Yes Yes Battery Life (yrs) 5 5 Replaceable Yes Yes Diskette Drive Support Yes Yes (e) Fixed Disk Drive Support Yes (f) Yes (g)

Disk Storage: Diskette Drives Standard 1-1.44MB 1-1.2MB Optional Diskette Drives 5.25" 360K Optional (h) Optional (i) 5.25" 1.2 MB Optional (h) Optional (i) 3.5" 720K N/A (j) Optional (k) 3.5" 1.44 MB Optional (i)(l) N/A Internal Drives Supported 2 2 External Drives Supported 1 1 Maximum # Diskette Drives 3 3 Fixed Disk Drives Standard 1-60MB 1-30MB Maximum # of FD Drives 1 2 Optional FD Sizes Avail. N/A 30MB Maximum Total FD Capacity 60 MB 60MB Average Access Rate 27 ms 40 ms Controller Type ESDI ST-506 Data Transfer Rate 8.4 Mbps 5 Mbps Interleave Factor 1:1 3:1 Disk Caching Yes N/A Auto Park Yes Yes Maximum # of DD & FD 4 4 Optical Disk Drives Optional (h) Optional (h) Storage Capacity 200 MB 200MB Maximum Adapters Suppt’d 3 1 Maximum Drives Supported 6 2 Maximum Storage Capacity 1200MB 400MB Maximum FD and OD Capacity 1360MB 460MB

Tape Storage: Internal Tape Drive Suppt’d Yes (l) No Tape Capacity (MB) 80 N/A External Tape Drive Suppt’d 6157 Mdl 1,2 6157 Mdl 1 Tape Capacity (MB) 60/150 60

Expansion: Total Adapter Slots 3 8 # of Long/Short Slots 3/0 8/0 # of 8/16/32-bit Slots 0/1/2 (m) 6/2/0 (m) Non-RAM use of 32-bit Slots Yes N/A Available Slots 3 (n) 3 (n) Max. RAM w/ Avail. Slots 16 MB 16MB Max. RAM Using Only 1 Slot 16MB(o) 12.5 MB (p) | # of Slots Req’d for Max. 1 2 | # of Slots Avail after Max. 2 1 |

Keyboard: 101-Key Enhanced Keyboard Yes Yes LED Indicators on Keyboard Yes Yes Fast Keyboard Speed Setting Yes N/A Keyboard Cord Length (ft) 3.0 9.0

Security: Keylock: Locks Cover Yes Yes Locks Keyboard N/A Yes Keyboard Password Yes N/A Power-on Password Yes N/A Network Server Mode Yes N/A

Physical Factors: Dimensions: Height 5.5" 6.4" Width 14.1“* 21.3” Depth 16.5“* 17.3” Weight (lbs) 21.0 43.0

Environmental Factors: Power Supply (Watts) 132 192 World-wide (110/60,220/50) Yes Yes Auto-Sensing/Switching Yes Manual Amperage at: 90-137 VAC 2.7 5.0 180-265 VAC 1.4 2.5 Heat (BTUs/Hour) 751 1229 Noise Level Classification 1 3 Noise (Avg dB, Operating, 1m) 40 N/A

Operating System Support: IBM PC/DOS Yes Yes IBM Xenix N/A Yes IBM OS/2 Yes Yes IBM AIX PS/2 Yes N/A

Miscellaneous: FCC Classification B B Warranty Period 1 Year 1 Year


(N/A = not applicable or not available)

  1. The top 128K is reserved for high-performance BIOS, and is therefore not available to the operating system.

  2. The initial 1 MB system board SIP is 100ns; additional SIPs are 85ns.

  3. Requires an optional adapter, which uses one adapter slot.

  4. Serial/Parallel Adapter, included, uses one adapter slot.

  5. Diskette Drive Adapter, included, uses one adapter slot.

  6. Fixed Disk controller is integrated with drive, so uses no adapter slots.

  7. Fixed Disk Adapter, included, uses one adapter slot.

  8. External attachment only. 1.44 MB drive option are mutually exclusive.

  9. Internal attachment only.

  10. 1.44 MB drives can reliably Read/Write/Format 720K diskettes to 720K, so a 720K diskette drive is not necessary.

  11. Internal or External attachment.

  12. The second 1.44 MB diskette drive and the Internal Tape Backup Unit are mutually exclusive (both require the B: drive bay).

  13. All 16-bit slots support 8- or 16-bit adapters; all 32-bit slots support 8-, 16-, or 32-bit adapters.

  14. Both systems were configured with one serial port, one parallel port, one diskette drive controller, one fixed disk drive adapter, 1 MB of memory, a pointing device port, and a video controller.

  15. 6 MB on Planar (requires replacing the standard 1 MB SIP with a 2 MB SIP), 10 MB on Adapter (using P/N 34F3011 or 34F3077). |

  16. 512K on Planar, 12 MB on Adapter.

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