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Multiplan: Installing Versions 4.X PSS ID Number: Q36678 Article last modified on 01-17-1991 PSS database name: D_MPlan

4.00 4.01 4.20



To correctly install Multiplan version 4.00 and later, do not install the program into a directory that already contains an earlier version of Multiplan. Either create a new directory and install Multiplan in it, or delete all of the earlier version’s program files in the old directory before installing version 4.00 or later.

Correct installation is important because in versions of Multiplan earlier than version 4.00, the program file has a .COM extension, while in versions 4.x, the program file has an .EXE extension. If both an MP.COM and MP.EXE reside in the same directory, the .COM file will be executed first. This means that the older version of Multiplan would be loaded rather than the new version.

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