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Article Last Modified on 9/3/2002


  • Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition

This article was previously published under Q253375


In the Visual Basic Editor, you find that even though you appeared to have checked a module into Microsoft Visual Source Safe, it was not checked in at all. Also, you received no errors.


This behavior can occur under the following conditions:

  • In Visual Source Safe, the Allow Multiple Checkouts check box is selected.
  • Someone else had the module checked out in the Visual Source Safe interface, made changes to it in a text editor, and checked it back in.

Even though Visual Source Safe for Visual Basic Editor does not support multiple checkouts, it does allow two checkouts in this scenario. However, only the first check-in is accepted while a second check-in by another user only appears to have been accepted, when actually it has not. Also, no error is displayed upon check-in.


To resolve this problem, obtain Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Service Release 1 (SR-1).

To obtain SR-1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

253566 MOD2000: How to Obtain and Install Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Service Release 1 (SR-1)

After applying the Microsoft Office Developer Service Release 1 to the computer running Visual Source Safe, the sort of situation described in this article cannot occur. If someone tries to check out a second instance of a module from the Visual SourceSafe Explorer, the following error is displayed:

This is an integration only project, checking out files is not allowed from the SourceSafe explorer.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.  This problem was corrected in Microsoft Office 2000 Developer SR-1.


Steps to Reproduce the Behavior

  1. Install Microsoft Office 2000, the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Tools, and Visual Source Safe from the original retail compact discs onto a Windows 98 computer.
  2. In the Visual Source Safe Administrator, add two new users: User1 and User2. They do not need to have passwords.
  3. In the Visual Source Safe Administrator, click Options on the Tools menu, click the General tab, and ensure that the Allow Multiple Checkouts check box is selected.
  4. Start Microsoft Excel, and then create a new workbook. Save it as C:\Book1.xls.
  5. Press ALT+F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.
  6. Insert a module, and name it Module1. Insert the following code into the module:

    Sub MyTest
    End Sub
  7. On the Add-ins menu, point to VBA Source Code Control, and then click Add Project to SourceSafe. When you are prompted, log in as User1.
  8. On the Add-ins menu, check Module1 out of Visual Source Safe. Leave Excel and the Visual Basic Editor open.
  9. Start Visual Source Safe Explorer. From the Visual Source Safe program group, Visual Source Safe Explorer may be identified as Microsoft Visual Source Safe. Log in this time as User2.
  10. Check out Module1, and save it to the desktop. Note that the file is saved as Module1.bas
  11. Open Module1.bas in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  12. Change the third line of code in the module from b=2 to b=3.
  13. Save the changes. Switch back to Visual Source Safe Explorer, and check in Module1.
  14. Switch back to the Visual Basic Editor, and then change the second line of code from b=2 to b=4.
  15. Save Module1, and then check it back into Visual Source Safe by using the Add-ins menu.

NOTE: Switching the order of the check-ins (first from the Visual Basic Editor's Add-in menu, and then from Visual Source Safe Explorer) produces a merge conflict in Visual Source Safe. Also, if you first check out the module from Visual Safe Explorer, and then try to check it out from Visual Basic Editor, you receive the message that "You already have the module checked out."

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