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PC Setup: Run OS/2 2.x NetWare Redirector in 3.11 Environment

Article ID: 107770

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2

This article was previously published under Q107770


If you are running the Novell NetWare Requester for OS/2 2.01 (for IBM OS/2 2.0 and 2.1) without NetWare 4.0 on the network, you should perform the following two actions:

  1. Disable directory services by adding or editing the following line in the NET.CFG file:

    NetWare Requester
    Directory Services OFF

    NetWare Requester for OS/2 2.01 has Directory Services enabled by default because the Requestor was designed to run in a NetWare 4.0 environment.

    If Directory Services are not disabled, logging in to a NetWare server may be slow and the following error may be returned when you try to attach to other servers:

    REQ1040: The requester timed out waiting for reply from server
  2. Copy the NetWare 3.11 OS/2 Login Utilities (contained in UT2OS2.EXE found on NetWire, NOVLIB 6) into the directory where the NetWare Requester 2.01 is installed.

    When the NetWare Requester 2.01 is installed, the NetWare 4.0 OS/2 LOGIN utilities are installed in the same directory as the Requester. In a non-NetWare 4.0 environment, you must replace these NetWare 4.0 OS/2 utilities with NetWare 3.11 OS/2 Utilities.

    LOGIN Utilities:

       NetWare 4.00 OS/2              NetWare 3.11 OS/2
       -----------------              -----------------
       LOGIN.EXE  2-05-93             LOGIN.EXE    6-04-91
       MAP.EXE    1-31-93             MAP.EXE      7-18-91
       CX.EXE     2-01-93             ATTACH.EXE   7-18-91
       NLIST.EXE  2-01-93             SLIST.EXE    7-18-91

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