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PUB2: GP Fault Printing Big TrueType Fonts Under OS/2

PUB2: GP Fault Printing Big TrueType Fonts Under OS/2


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher version 2.0


If you run Publisher under OS/2 version 2.1, you may receive a general
protection (GP) fault in GDI.EXE when printing. This error occurs if
you try to print TrueType fonts in large point sizes. The same error
also occurs in Microsoft Windows Write and is due to a problem with

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products' performance or reliability.


To avoid this problem, use one of the following resolutions:

1. Use printer fonts or WordArt 1.0 instead of TrueType fonts.

   NOTE: WordArt 2.0 and the Banner PageWizard both use TrueType fonts.
   If you are printing a banner, or a WordArt 2.0 object in a large
   point size, be sure to select a non-TrueType font before printing.


2. If you set automatic kerning to automatically kern higher than 72 points
   as follows, this error message will no longer occur. (However, you will
   not get kerning for your 32 point fonts and so forth, but at least you
   can use all fonts at any size.)

   a. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

   b. Choose View More Options.

   c. In the Kern Character Pairs Above box, type a number higher than
      72 points.


This problem has been reported to occur with 72-point Times New Roman
when printing with the Hewlett-Packard III printer driver. The error
occurs even if the Print TrueType As Graphics option is selected.

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