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Microsoft KB Archive/101911

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PUB: Backup File Won't Back Up

PUB: Backup File Won't Back Up


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


When you save a Microsoft Publisher document with the Backup
option turned on, the backup file may not be updated. This will occur
if the backup file has been opened in Publisher.


Once the backup file has been opened it will not update automatically
from Publisher. To create a new backup you must either change the
filename of your publication (by choosing the Save As command with the
Backup Check Box selected) or delete the current backup copy.


This problem only occurs in Microsoft Publisher version 2.x. Microsoft
Publisher now updates the backup copy, of the publication, on the second
save of the publication.


Microsoft Publisher only creates a backup if the current publication
already exists on the hard drive. Publisher does not create a backup of
the file the first time it is saved.

Making a backup copy of your Publisher files ensures against the loss
of an existing publication file. If the original publication file is
lost or damaged, you can use the backup copy. The backup copy will
have the same filename as the original, but will be followed by a .BAK
extension rather than .PUB.

What Is a Backup File?

A backup copy of a publication is "one save" behind the original. For
example, if you save your publication three times during an editing
session, the backup copy will look the way your publication did after
you saved it the second time. This feature is handy if you make
changes, save your work, and then decide you don't like your changes.

Once you create a backup copy, it will be updated automatically every
time you save the publication, unless the backup copy has been opened.
Once you open a backup file, it stops updating when the .PUB file is

How to Create a Backup File

1. From the File menu, choose the Save As command.

2. Select the Backup check box.

3. In the Publication Name text box, type a filename. Choose OK.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

1. Open or switch to Microsoft Publisher version 2.0 and start with a
   blank page. Draw a single horizontal line on the page.

2. From the File menu, choose Save As and save the file as TEST.PUB.

3. Draw a second horizontal line on the page.

4. From the File menu, choose Save As and select the Backup check box.
   Choose the OK button. A backup copy with the filename TEST.BAK will
   be created.

5. Close TEST.PUB and open TEST.BAK. Note that TEST .BAK contains a
   single horizontal line (as expected).

6. Close TEST.BAK and open TEST.PUB.

7. Draw another horizontal line and choose Save from the File menu.

8. Close TEST.PUB and open TEST.BAK. Note that TEST.BAK still contains
   a single horizontal line.

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