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X400: Err Msg: EiconCard X.25 Error Messages

Article ID: 101679

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail Gateway to X.400 3.2

This article was previously published under Q101679


This network error format may appear when an EiconCard error occurs:

X.25 error: Message Error number

Here is an example of an EiconCard error message:

X.25 error: Command timeout 5


The following table lists the messages, along with their error numbers, that may be displayed:

Message                                      Error Number

Invalid buffer length.                         1
Invalid command.                               3
Command time-out.                              5
No circuit available.                          9
Call cleared.                                 10
Command canceled.                             11
PU name exist.                                13
PU name table full.                           14
Session table full.                           17
Unsuccessful call.                            18
Protocol name not found.                      20
Circuit in use.                               22
PU name not found.                            23
Session reset.                                14
Trace not started.                            25
Insufficient memory.                          26
Too many outstanding commands.                34
Bad port number.                              35
No number to dial.                            37
No dial tone.                                 64
Modem test failed.                            80
Modem not ready.                             144
Modem not ready (no DSR).                    145
Modem not ready (no CTS).                    146
Modem not ready (no clock).                  147
Remote line busy      .                      148
Remote not answering.                        149
No line available.                           150
Modem in use.                                153
Bad phone number syntax.                     158
Modem initialized.                           159
Link level not ready.                        160
Packet level not ready.                      176
Restart indication received.                 178
Transport connection cleared remotely.       192
Transport connection cleared locally.        193
Time-out occurred on CR or DR.               194
X.25 network connection cleared.             195
X.25 network reset.                          196
Transport connection refused by remote.      197
CR sent by remote site not acceptable.       198
Not enough memory to start transport layer.  207
Submit request again.                        248
EiconCard snapshot.                          249
EiconCard snarked.                           250
EiconCard error.                             251
EiconCard not loaded.                        252
EiconCard halted.                            253
EiconCard driver not installed.              254
Command not completed.                       255

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