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How to Enter Special Characters under Print Options Setup PSS ID Number: Q10000 Article last modified on 01-12-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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Summary: Certain characters, specifically, the question mark (?), the semicolon (;), the colon (:), the exclamation mark (!), and the null (zero) character, cannot be typed into the string under Print Options Setup because Multiplan defines these as special characters. The workaround to this problem is to enter these characters by typing &H and the hex equivalent of the character’s decimal value in the ASCII table. For example, if you want to send the code Escape?, type the following in Print Options Setup:


^[ stands for Escape, &H tells Multiplan that the code that follows is in Hex, and 3f is the hex equivilent of decimal 63 (the question mark is number 63 in the ASCII table).

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