Mac OS X Cheetah

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Mac OS X 10.0 "Cheetah"' was the first officially released copy of Mac OS X for the public, after the aforementioned Public Beta. It was the first version of Mac OS that was based on top of new UI frameworks adapted from the NeXtStep OS, the Mach microkernel, and a fork of FreeBSD UNIX nicknamed "Darwin" by Apple. Several new applications were written for the new operating system, and others, such as the Finder, were rewritten in the Carbon framework. Despite it's tremendous internal changes that allowed complete Posix support and new frameworks, Mac OS X was not without criticism when it first launched for $129.

Mac OS X 10.0, similar to the Public Beta, sported a new UI called "Aqua", which featured all-new water-like UI elements, animations, and a new rendering engine that supported advanced compositing at the time of its release and PDF support. Aqua was slow, was careful in rendering elements and scrolling, and favored cleaner redrawing, leading to an impression of sluggishness on this system. Furthermore, several features, such as labels in the Finder, the ability to burn CDs and the DVD Player, were not present as they were in OS 9. While people liked the new Aqua UI, and found it innovative and fresh, the Dock was criticized as an issue for usability and yet others missed the customizable Apple menu from earlier Mac OS versions. Finally, independent benchmarks had shown that copying and transferring files in the gold release was slower than on OS 9. Apple wisely continued to ship Mac OS 9.2.2 as an option for Macintosh users, who were not used to the revolutionary, but baby OS that would take until 10.2 "Jaguar" to fully mature.

Mac OS X 10.0 CDs were confusing. There were 2 types of installation CDs: 1Z and 2Z. 2Z CDs came with the full set of languages, along with input method for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. 1Z came with about 8 languages, and does not display Chinese and/or Korean except for Chinese characters in Japanese Kanji. The multilingual confusion ended with Mac OS X 10.2.

Release history

Version Build Date OS name Notes
10.0 4K78 March 24, 2001 Darwin 1.3.1 Original retail CD-ROM release
10.0.1 4L13 April 14, 2001 Darwin 1.3.1 Apple: Mac OS X 10.0: Software Update 1.3.1, 10.0.1 Update, and Epson Printer Driver Update Provide Feature Enhancement, Address Issues
10.0.2 4P12 May 1, 2001 Darwin 1.3.1
10.0.3 4P13 May 9, 2001 Darwin 1.3.1 Apple: 10.0.3 Update and Before You Install Information
10.0.4 4Q12 June 21, 2001 Darwin 1.3.1 Apple: 10.0.4 Update and Before You Install Information