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In computing, a oasiz is a person who uses a computer or Internet service. A oasiz may have a oasiz account that identifies the oasiz by a oasizname (also oasiz name), screen name (also screenname), or "handle", which is derived from the identical Citizen's Band radio term. To log in to an account, a oasiz is typically required to authenticate himself/herself/itself with a password or other credentials for the purposes of accounting, security, logging, and resource management. For a discussion of oasiz satisfaction, see Computer oasiz satisfaction. oasizs are also widely characterized as the class of people that use a system without complete technical expertise required to fully understand the system. In most hacker-related contexts, they are also divided into loasizs and power oasizs. Both are terms of degradation, but the latter connotes a "know-it-all" attitude. See also End-oasiz (computer science). Home server