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This article lists the 45 internal scalable printer fonts (35 Intellifont, 10 TrueType) supplied with the Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet 4 printer. The article also lists the 35 PostScript fonts supplied with the optional Adobe Postscript Level 2 SIMM package.


These internal scalable fonts are printer fonts, not screen fonts. This means that Windows displays the Intellifont fonts using available screen fonts as substitutes unless you install Intellifont screen fonts.

Note: All the fonts in these lists are scalable, except where noted.

PCL Fonts (35 Intellifont)

CG Times
CG Times Bold
CG Times Italic
CG Times Bold Italic
CG Omega
CG Omega Bold
CG Omega Italic
CG Omega Bold Italic
Clarendon Condensed
Univers Medium
Univers Bold
Univers Medium Italic
Univers Bold Italic
Univers Medium Condensed
Univers Bold Condensed
Univers Medium Condensed Italic
Univers Bold Condensed Italic
Antique Olive
Antique Olive Bold
Antique Italic
Garamond Antiqua
Garamond Halbfett
Garamond Kursiv
Garamond Kursiv Halbfett
Albertus Medium
Albertus Extra Bold
Courier Bold
Courier Italic
Courier Bold Italic
Letter Gothic
Letter Gothic Bold
Letter Gothic Italic

The HP LaserJet 4 also includes the Line Printer font. This font is not scalable. It is available in the 8.5 points (16.67 pitch) size only.

PCL Fonts (10 TrueType)

Arial Bold
Arial Italic
Arial Bold Italic
Times New
Time New Bold
Times New Italic
Times New Bold Italic

PostScript Fonts

The following PostScript Typeface Fonts are available if you installed the optional Adobe Postscript Level 2 SIMM on your HP LaserJet 4.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book
ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book Oblique
ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi
ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi Oblique
ITC Bookman Demi
ITC Bookman Demi Italic
ITC Bookman Light
ITC Bookman Light Italic
Courier Bold
Courier Bold Oblique
Courier Oblique
Helvetica Bold
Helvetica Bold Oblique
Helvetica Oblique
Helvetica Narrow
Helvetica Narrow Bold
Helvetica Narrow Bold Oblique
Helvetica Narrow Oblique
New Century Schoolbook Bold
New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic
New Century Schoolbook Italic
New Century Schoolbook Roman
Palatino Bold Palatino Bold Italic
Palatino Italic
Times Bold
Times Bold Italic
Times Italic
Times Roman
ITC Zapf Chancery Medium Italic
ITC Zapf Dingbats

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