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  • Microsoft SoftGrid for Terminal Services
  • Microsoft SoftGrid for Windows Desktops


The following error codes are logged in the Microsoft SoftGrid Client log file (Sftlog.txt):

41559 "Unable to create record of type (SW_AppUsageRecord)"

42000 "Application record for {application_name} {application_version} was not found in the database. Usage information will not be logged for this application."

Note These two error codes actually represent the same error. The error code was changed from 41559 to 42000 in SoftGrid 3.1.3.x.


This problem occurs because one of the following conditions is true.

Condition 1

The value for the VERSION attribute of the SOFTPKG element in the .osd file is greater than 16 characters. See condition 1 in the "More Information" section.

Condition 2

The application name or the version number in the SoftGrid Management Console does not match the corresponding values in the .osd file. See condition 2 in the "More Information" section.

Condition 3

The SoftGrid Client disconnects from the SoftGrid Server while an application is running. See condition 3 in the "More Information" section.


Condition 1

The Version column of the APPLICATIONS table in the SOFTRICITY database has a maximum field length of 16 characters. If the VERSION value is greater than 16 characters, the value is truncated to 16 characters when the application is added through the SoftGrid Management Console.

The SoftGrid Client starts the application by using the VERSION value that is in the .osd file. This value has more than 16 characters and does not match the value that is in the database. Therefore, the application record cannot be found, and the application usage is not logged.

To work around this problem, change the VERSION value so that it contains 16 characters or fewer.

Condition 2

To verify the application name and the version number values, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click SoftGrid Management Console.
  2. Expand SoftGrid Systems, expand <server_name>, and then expand Applications.
  3. Double-click the application name that is reported in the SoftGrid Virtual Application Server log file.
  4. Note the values that are in the Application Name box and in the Version box.
  5. Locate the .osd file in the OSD path.
  6. Edit the .osd file by using a text editor.
  7. Note of the values that are in the SOFTPKG NAME attribute and in the SFTPKG VERSION attribute.

Note The values for the Application Name field and for the SOFTPKG NAME attribute should be the same. The application Version box and the SOFTPKG VERSION attribute should be the same.

  1. Modify the program or modify the .osd file so that the values in both locations are the same.

Condition 3

When a program starts, an application usage record is created. The SoftGrid Client disconnects from the SoftGrid Server before the program is closed. When the SoftGrid Client reconnects to the SoftGrid Server, a second application usage record is created. This new usage record conflicts with the existing usage record. Therefore, the error is reported.

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