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List of Articles for Win32s Programming Issues

ID: Q93064

The information in this article applies to:

  • FastTips for Microsoft Win32s versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.25a


Microsoft FastTips is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a touch-tone telephone. To order items from this catalog, first select the items you want to receive, noting the five- to six-digit number of the Item ID shown below for each item, and then:

- Dial the toll-free FastTips number (800) 936-4300. - When prompted, select the Win32 Software Development Kit. - Press one (1) on your phone keypad to select Express Order Service. - When prompted, select the delivery method, fax. - When prompted, enter your three-digit area code and seven-digit fax

  number on your phone keypad.

- When prompted, enter the number of the Item ID and press #, for up

  to five items.

When finished, simply hang up. If you have problems receiving a fax, please call (425) 635-3105.


ITEM ID  ARTICLE TITLE                                               PAGES
Q 83520  General Overview of Win32s                                      2
Q 93639  PRB: Win32s GetVolumeInformation() Returns 0x12345678 or 0      1
Q 97785  Calling a Win32 DLL from a Win16 App on Win32s                  2
Q 97918  Win32s Message Queue Checking                                   1
Q 98286  PRB: _getdcwd() Returns the Root Directory Under Win32s         2

Q 100713 Support for Sleep() on Win32s                                   1
Q 100833 Win32s Translated Pointers Guaranteed for 32K                   1
Q 102430 Debugging Applications Under Win32s                             2
Q 102762 GetCommandLine() Under Win32s                                   1
Q 104314 Win32s NetBIOS Programming Considerations                       1

Q 105756 Debugging Universal Thunks                                      1
Q 105757 Using Windows Sockets Under Win32s and WOW                      1
Q 105758 Win32s and Windows NT Timer Differences                         1
Q 105759 Using Serial Communications Under Win32s                        1
Q 105760 Using VxDs and Software Interrupts Under Win32s                 1

Q 105761 Getting Resources from 16-Bit DLLs Under Win32s                 1
Q 105762 Sharing Memory Between 32-Bit and 16-Bit Code on Win32s         1
Q 106715 Troubleshooting Win32s Installation Problems                    3
Q 108497 DIB_PAL_INDICES and CBM_CREATEDIB Not Supported in Win32s       1
Q 108722 PRB: "Routine Not Found" Errors in Windows Help                 1

Q 109620 Creating Instance Data in a Win32s DLL                          1
Q 110844 Detecting the Presence of NetBIOS in Win32s                     1
Q 110845 How Win32-Based Applications Are Loaded Under Windows           1
Q 114611 PRB: GlobalAlloc() Pagelocks Blocks on Win32s                   2

Q 115080 Converting a Linear Address to a Flat Offset on Win32s          1
Q 115082 PRB: Page Fault in WIN32S16.DLL Under Win32s                    2
Q 115084 Win32s Device-Independent Bitmap Limit                          1
Q 117153 PRB: Display Problems with Win32s and the S3 Driver             1
Q 117825 Handling COMMDLG File Open Network Button Under Win32s          1

Q 117864 PRB: GP Fault Caused by GROWSTUB in POINTER.DLL                 1
Q 117893 PRB: Result of localtime() Differs on Win32s and Windows NT     1
Q 120486 How to Remove Win32s                                            1
Q 121091 How to Determine Which Version of Win32s Is Installed           1
Q 121092 PRB: Local Reboot (CTRL+ALT+DEL) Doesn't Work Under Win32s      1

Q 121093 Points to Remember When Writing a Debugger for Win32s           7
Q 121094 PRB: Controls Do Not Receive Expected Messages                  2
Q 121095 PRB: GPF When Spawn Windows-Based App w/ WinExec() in Win32s    1
Q 122235 Microsoft Win32s Upgrade                                        2

Q 123421 PRB: Inconsistencies in GDI APIs Between Win32s and Windows NT 2

Q 123422 Win32s OLE 16/32 Interoperability                               1
Q 123731 Calling LoadLibrary() on a 16-bit DLL                           1
Q 123812 Debugging OLE 2.0 Applications Under Win32s                     2
Q 123813 Results of GetFileInformationByHandle() Under Win32s            1
Q 124133 PRB: ShellExecute() Succeeds But App Window Doesn't Appear      1

Q 124134 Allowing Only One Application Instance on Win32s                2
Q 124136 Installing the Win32s NLS Files                                 1
Q 124137 Virtual Memory and Win32s                                       2
Q 124191 FixBrushOrgEx() and Brush Origins under Win32s                  1
Q 124836 GetSystemMetrics(SM_CMOUSEBUTTONS) Fails Under Win32s           1

Q 125014 How to Find the Version Number of Win32s                        3
Q 125212 Performing a Synchronous Spawn Under Win32s                     6
Q 125475 Using Network DDE Under Win32s                                  1
Q 125659 PRB: Netbios RESET Cannot Be Called with Pending Commands       1
Q 126575 PRB: Large DIBs May Not Display Under Win32s                    2

Q 126626 PRB: GetLogicalDrives() Indicates that Drive B: Is Present      1
Q 126708 How to Pass Large Memory Block Through Win32s Universal Thunk   1

Q 126709 PRB: Error on Win32s: R6016 - not enough space for thread data 2

Q 126710 PRB: WinExec() Fails Due to Memory Not Deallocated              2

Q 127760 PRB: Oracle7 for Win32s Hangs When Initialize Database Manager 1

Q 127903 How to Use RPC Under Win32s                                     1
Q 129542 Using the Registry Under Win32s                                 1
Q 129543 PRB: CreateFile Fails on Win32s w/ UNC Name of Local Machine    1
Q 129544 PRB: CreateFile() Does Not Handle OEM Chars as Expected         1
Q 129597 PRB: DialogBox() Call w/ Desktop Window Handle Disables Mouse   1

Q 129598 GetWindowRect() Returns TRUE with Desktop Window Handle         1
Q 129599 How to Examine the Use of Process Memory Under Win32s           2
Q 131224 PRB: DLL Load Fails Under Win32s When Apps Share a DLL          2
Q 131896 Win32s Version 1.25a Limitations                                7

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Version           : 1.1 1.2 1.25a
Platform          : WINDOWS

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