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Article Last Modified on 11/22/2006


  • Microsoft Windows CE 5.0


In Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, the CeGetVolumeInfo function may return incorrect information for FAT file system and transaction-safe FAT (TFAT) file system volumes.


Software update information

A supported software update is now available from Microsoft as Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder Monthly Update (November 2006). You can confirm this by scrolling to the "File information" section of this article. The package file name contains the product version, date, Knowledge Base article number, and processor type. The package file name format is:

Product version-yymmdd-kbnnnnnn-processor type

For example: Wincepb50-060503-kb917590-armv4i.msi is the ARMV4i Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder fix that is documented in KB article 917590 and that is contained in the May 2006 monthly update. To resolve this problem immediately, click the following article number for information about obtaining Windows CE Platform Builder and core operating system software updates:

837392 How to locate core operating system fixes for Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder products


There are no prerequisites.

Restart requirement

You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this software update.

Software update replacement information

This software update does not replace any other software updates.

File information

The English version of this software update package has the file attributes or the later file attributes that are listed in the following table.

File name File size Date Time
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-armv4i.msi 910,336 03-Nov-2006 22:34
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-mipsii.msi 924,672 03-Nov-2006 22:34
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-mipsii_fp.msi 925,184 03-Nov-2006 22:35
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-mipsiv.msi 933,376 03-Nov-2006 22:35
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-mipsiv_fp.msi 933,888 03-Nov-2006 22:35
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-sh4.msi 896,000 03-Nov-2006 22:34
Wincepb50-061103-kb927429-x86.msi 843,776 03-Nov-2006 22:34

The English version of this software update has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.

File name File size Date Time Path
Coredll.def 78,066 31-Oct-2006 02:18 Private\Winceos\Coreos\Core\Dll
Fsdalloc.cpp 23,566 01-Nov-2006 21:22 Private\Winceos\Coreos\Storage\Fsdserv
Fsdapis.cpp 54,018 01-Nov-2006 21:22 Private\Winceos\Coreos\Storage\Fsdserv
Fsdstubs.cpp 6,859 01-Nov-2006 21:22 Private\Winceos\Coreos\Storage\Fsdserv
Coredll.def 70,358 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Debug
Coremain.lib 241,946 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 329,978 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Debug
Coredll.def 70,342 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Retail
Coremain.lib 215,622 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 299,602 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Armv4i\Retail
Coredll.def 70,416 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Debug
Coremain.lib 245,772 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 341,378 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Debug
Coredll.def 70,400 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Retail
Coremain.lib 208,376 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 312,624 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii\Retail
Coredll.def 70,003 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Debug
Coremain.lib 245,886 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 341,458 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Debug
Coredll.def 69,987 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Retail
Coremain.lib 208,450 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 312,710 01-Nov-2006 21:20 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsii_fp\Retail
Coredll.def 70,416 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Debug
Coremain.lib 250,572 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 347,650 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Debug
Coredll.def 70,400 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Retail
Coremain.lib 213,600 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 314,514 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv\Retail
Coredll.def 70,003 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Debug
Coremain.lib 250,688 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 347,730 01-Nov-2006 21:22 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Debug
Coredll.def 69,987 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Retail
Coremain.lib 213,676 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 314,592 01-Nov-2006 21:21 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Mipsiv_fp\Retail
Coredll.def 71,531 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Debug
Coremain.lib 209,740 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 302,722 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Debug
Coredll.def 71,515 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Retail
Coremain.lib 186,944 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 286,730 01-Nov-2006 21:19 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\Sh4\Retail
Coredll.def 70,010 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Debug
Coremain.lib 183,464 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Debug
Fsdserv.lib 278,448 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Debug
Coredll.def 69,994 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Retail
Coremain.lib 179,930 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Retail
Fsdserv.lib 258,132 01-Nov-2006 21:18 Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\Retail


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.


For more information about the CeGetVolumeInfo function in Windows CE 5.0, visit the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

824684 Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates

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