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Running CorelDRAW! with Windows 3.1


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.1, 3.11


This article describes the following two problems, which you may experience if you run CorelDRAW! with Windows 3.1:

  • ZOOM Does Not Refresh Screen
  • Erratic Scroll Bars Behavior and Wire Frame Redraws


ZOOM Does Not Refresh Screen

Corel Corporation has confirmed that if you run CorelDRAW! version 2.0 or 2.01 with Windows 3.1, ZOOM may not redraw the screen before displaying the selected area. Instead, the area is drawn on top of the existing screen. To avoid this problem, do the following:

  1. ZOOM on a selected area.
  2. Press CTRL+W, or choose Refresh Wire Screen from the the Display menu.

Erratic Scroll Bars Behavior and Wire Frame Redraws

Versions of CorelDRAW! up to and including version 2.01 may exhibit erratic scroll bar operation and incomplete wire frame redraws when you enable the Interruptible Display option in Windows 3.1. The scroll bars display erratically, panning across the screen and stretching out of shape. Incomplete screen redraws may occur when you zoom in to and out from wire frame images. To avoid these problems, choose Preferences from the Special menu in CorelDRAW! and turn off the Interruptible Display option.

The CorelDRAW! Interruptible Display option allows you to stop a wire frame screen redraw at any point, so that you can edit a particular object without having to wait for the entire screen to finish displaying.

CorelDRAW! is manufactured by Corel Corporation, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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