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Description of the properties in the TrackingDataItemValue class that may be in a query of the tracking database in Windows Workflow Foundation

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Article Last Modified on 2/13/2007


  • Windows Workflow Foundation


In Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, a TrackingDataItemValue class specifies the value of a piece of data that is extracted from a workflow. This value is used to constrain the set of SqlTrackingWorkflowInstance objects that is returned by the SqlTrackingQuery.GetWorkflows function when the function is in a query of the tracking database and the SqlTrackingService class uses the tracking database.

The TrackingDataItemValue class contains the following three properties:

  • The DataValue property obtains or sets a string representation of the value of the extracted data.
  • The FieldName property obtains or sets the name of the activity member from which the data was extracted.
  • The QualifiedName property obtains or sets the qualified name of the activity from which the data was extracted.

For example, you may perform a query that is based on the TrackingDateItemValue object. The query may include the following properties:

  • TrackingDataItemValue dateItemValue = new TrackingDataItemValue();
  • DateItemValue.FieldName = "FieldName";
  • DateItemValue.DataValue = "DataValue";

In this example, you may expect that the filter criteria do not contain the QualifiedName property. However, the SqlTrackingQuery class tries to search for data that has the QualifiedName property set to an empty string.


The TrackingDataItemValue.QualifiedName property is used to set the QualifiedName property because all three properties are required when you filter the data set.


For more information about the TrackingDataItemValue class, visit the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:

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