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“Answers to Common Questions About QuickBASIC 4.50” Available PSS ID Number: Q58531 Article last modified on 05-02-1991 PSS database name: B_QuickBas




The application note, “Answers to Common Questions About Microsoft QuickBASIC Version 4.50,” is available in the Software/Data Library and can be found by searching for the words QB45NOTE or S12524. QB45NOTE was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.

A printed copy of this application note can be obtained by calling Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 454-2030.

This application note is intended for people who are using QuickBASIC version 4.50 for the IBM PC and compatibles, and provides answers to common questions along with supplementary information about QuickBASIC version 4.50. The information in this application note is consolidated for your convenience from existing separate articles in this Knowledge Base.

More Information:

The following is an outline of topics covered by the application note “Answers to Common Questions About Microsoft QuickBASIC Version 4.50”:

  1. Memory Management and Modular Programming

  2. Compatibilities

    1. Mixed-language programming version-compatibility list
    2. Video problems
  3. Hints and Suggestions

    1. How to use “COM1:” and “COM2:” communications
    2. Example of key trapping
    3. Floating point affects execution speed
    4. Limitations of floating-point mathematics
    5. Common floating-point errors
    6. Reference books for floating-point mathematics
    7. Reference books for QuickBASIC

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