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Works 2.00: Word Processor Quick Keys

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The following a quick keys for the Works Word Processor:

Selecting and Moving

Select F8 twice Select sentence F8 three times Select paragraph F8 four times Select document F8 five times Collapse selection SHIFT+F8 Right one word CTRL+RIGHT Left one word CTRL+LEFT Down one paragraph CTRL+DOWN Up one paragraph CTRL+UP To bottom of window CTRL+PG DN To top of window CTRL+PG UP To next bookmark SHIFT+F5

Character Styles

Bold CTRL+B Italic CTRL+I Strikethrough CTRL+S Underline CTRL+U Subscript CTRL+=(equal sign) Superscript CTRL++(plus) Plain Text CTRL+SPACEBAR

Paragraph Format

Normal paragraph CTRL+X Center CTRL+C Justify CTRL+J Left-align CTRL+L Right-align CTRL+R Hanging indent CTRL+H Undo hanging indent CTRL+G Nested indent CTRL+N Undo nested indent CTRL+M Single space CTRL+1 1-1/2 space CTRL+5 Double space CTRL+2 One line before paragraph CTRL+O No lines before paragraph CTRL+E

General Editing

Undo last command ALT+BACKSPACE Delete character to left of cursor BACKSPACE Delete character at cursor DEL Delete selection DEL Tab mark TAB Paragraph mark ENTER Manual page break CTRL+ENTER Paginate now F9 End-of-line mark SHIFT+ENTER Optional hyphen CTRL+-(hyphen) Nonbreaking hyphen CTRL+_(underscore) Nonbreaking space CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR Print page number CTRL+P Print filename CTRL+F Print date CTRL+D Print time CTRL+T

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