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Printing Is Slow with PaintJet Driver


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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.0, 3.0a


Printing from the Microsoft Windows 3.0 PaintJet driver may be fairly slow. The slowness occurs because the driver is designed to rasterize a metafile, which produces a very large amount of data. The data is then sent to the Print Manager, which needs to write this to a temporary file (this could be more than a megabyte of data).


The best PaintJet print speed can be obtained by checking the "High Speed Direct LPT" option in the driver. This bypasses the Print Manager and improves print speed, although it may take longer to regain control of your Windows application.

This behavior is by design of the HP PaintJet driver option "High- Speed Direct LPT." With this option turned on, Print Manager is not used, regardless of whether it is selected in the Control Panel.

If this option is turned off, Print Manager should appear as expected.

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