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File: Disk Contents of Version 2.00


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft File, version 2.0


The lists below show the files that should be on the master disks for Microsoft File version 2.00.


Microsoft File 2.00 is shipped with the following disks:

Program and AutoMac III (before July 1990)

Program and AutoMac III (before July 1990) Disk

   Filename                            File Type
   --------                            ---------

   Microsoft File                      Application                           Document

   Datafile Folder                     Folder
      Good Restaurants                 Document
      Three Months Sales Quotas        Document
      Exotic Excursions                Document
      Macintosh Club                   Document

   AutoMac III (before July 1990)      Folder
      AutoMac III                      Startup
      AutoMac III Read Me              Document

      Customization                    Folder
         Instructions                  Document
         DialTrans                     Application
         Customs.R                     Document
         EdCustoms.R                   Document
         Dialogs.rsrc                  Document
      MacroEditor                      Document                 Document
      Microsoft File(keys)             Document

   File 2.0 Read Me                    Document 

Sampler Disk

   Filename                            File Type
   --------                            ---------

   Avery Continuous Cards              Folder
      Continuous Card 4166             Document
      Continuous Card 4167             Document
      Rolodex 4168                     Document
      Rolodex 4169                     Document

   Avery Labels for Laser ...          Folder
      Laser Addr. Label 5260...        Document
      Laser Addr. Label 5261...        Document
      Laser Addr. Label 5262...        Document
      Laser Circle Label 5293          Document
      Laser Circle Label 5294          Document
      Laser Circle Label 5295          Document
      Laser Label 5165                 Document
      Laser Shipping Label 5163        Document
      Laser Shipping Label 5164        Document

   Avery List&Mail Labels              Folder
      Address Label 4010               Document
      Address Label 4011               Document
      Address Label 4143               Document
      Address Label 4144               Document
      Address Label 4145               Document
      Address Label 4146               Document
      Address Label 4249               Document
      Address Label 4250               Document
      Address Label 4251               Document
      Address Label 4253               Document
      Address Label 4254               Document
      Diskette Label 4240              Document
      Diskette Label 4241              Document
      File Folder Label 4255           Document
      File Folder Label 4256           Document
      File Folder Label 4257           Document
      File Folder Label 4258           Document
      File Folder Label 4259           Document
      File Folder Label 4266           Document
      Shipping Label 4161              Document
      Specialty Label 4160             Document
      Specialty Label 4162             Document
      Specialty Label 4163             Document

   Datafiles                           Folder
      Address Data                     Document
      Continuous Card Data             Document
      Deluxe Check Data                Document
      Deluxe Invoice Data              Document
      Deluxe Payroll Check Data        Document
      Deluxe Purchase Order...         Document
      Deluxe Statement Data            Document
      Disk Label Data                  Document
      File Folder Data                 Document
      Inventory Data                   Document
      Laser 5165 Data                  Document
      Laser Circle Data                Document
      Other Data                       Document

   Deluxe Computer Forms               Folder
      Deluxe AP Check 091172           Document
      Deluxe Invoice 090601            Document
      Deluxe MP Check 091173           Document
      Deluxe MP Check 091177           Document
      Deluxe Payroll Check 091171      Document
      Deluxe Purch. Order 090603       Document
      Deluxe Statement 090602          Document
      Deluxe Voucherless Check 091174  Document

   Deluxe Continuous Cards             Folder
      Index Card 091681                Document
      Index Card 091683                Document
      Index Card 091914                Document
      Postcard 091914                  Document
      Postcard 091039                  Document
      Postcard 091040                  Document
      Postcard 091041                  Document
      Postcard 091042                  Document
      Postcard 091043                  Document
      Rolodex 091687                   Document
      Rolodex 091689                   Document
      Rolodex 091690                   Document
      Rolodex 091839                   Document
      Rolodex 091840                   Document
      Rolodex 091841                   Document
      Rolodex 091842                   Document
      Rolodex 091843                   Document

   Deluxe Labels                       Folder
      Address Label 091801             Document
      Address Label 091802             Document
      Address Label 091808             Document
      Address Label 091809             Document
      Address Label 091810             Document
      Address Label 091811             Document
      Address Label 091814             Document
      Address Label 091815             Document
      Address Label 091820             Document
      Address Label 091821             Document
      Address Label 091822             Document
      Address Label 091823             Document
      Address Label 092098             Document
      Address Label 092099             Document
      Address Label 092110             Document
      Address Label 092113             Document
      File Folder Label 091803         Document
      File Folder Label 091804         Document
      File Folder Label 091805         Document
      File Folder Label 091806         Document
      File Folder Label 091812         Document
      File Folder Label 092095         Document
      File Folder Label 092096         Document
      File Folder Label 092097         Document
      File Folder Label 092107         Document
      Shipping Label 091824            Document
      Shipping Label 091825            Document
      Shipping Label 091917            Document
      Shipping Label 091918            Document
      Shipping Label 091920            Document
      Shipping Label 092065            Document
      Specialty Label 091800           Document
      Specialty Label 092093           Document
      Specialty Label 092093           Document
      Stock Label 091807               Document
      Stock Label 091813               Document
      Stock Label 092100               Document
      Stock Label 092101               Document
      Stock Label 092102               Document
      Stock Label 092103               Document
      Stock Label 092104               Document
      Stock Label 092105               Document
      Stock Label 092106               Document
      Stock Label 092108               Document
      Stock Label 092111               Document
      Stock Label 092114               Document
      Stock Label 092115               Document
      Stock Label 092116               Document
      Stock Label 092117               Document

   General Purpose Forms               Folder
      Expense Form                     Document
      Meeting Agenda                   Document
      Member Data Form                 Document
      Member List                      Document
      Telephone Message Log            Document
      To-Do List                       Document 

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