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Word Finder and Small/Large Thesaurus

PSS ID Number: Q57756 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, versions 3.0 , 3.01, 3.02, 4.0 5.0


You may encounter some difficulty when trying to install Word Finder, the third-party electronic thesaurus written by Microlytics, Inc. that ships with some versions of Microsoft Word for the Macintosh. The two versions of the Word Finder thesaurus are called “Large” and “Small” in the “Word Finder for the Macintosh” manual. This may cause confusion because “Word Finder Thesaurus” appears on the Program disks but instructions regarding only the “Large” and “Small” thesaurus appear on page 20 of the manual.

The Small Thesaurus is intended for Macintoshes with smaller amounts of memory, such as 512K. The Large Thesaurus contains the full 220,000+ synonym thesaurus.

The following are some tips for installing Word Finder:

  • When you install the upgraded Word Finder desk accessory (DA) using the Font/DA Mover, also copy the new Word Finder Thesaurus into the System Folder.
  • Use the desk accessory Find File if necessary to locate and then remove old copies of the Thesaurus, titled “Large” and “Small”.


This version of Word Finder for the Macintosh is compatible only with Microsoft Word. The retail version of Word Finder allows it to work as a desk accessory with other programs. For more information, contact Microlytics at the following address and phone numbers:

Microlytics, Inc. Two Tobey Village Office Park Pittsford, NY 14534 Phone: (800) 828-6293 (716) 248-9620 (716) 248-9150 (In New York State)

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