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Int21 Networks Require InDosPolling=yes Switch PSS ID Number: Q57597 Article last modified on 11-03-1992 PSS database name: W_Win3



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.0


When running Windows Version 3.00 in 386 enhanced mode on a network that hooks Int21, the following line needs to be added to the [386ENH] section of the SYSTEM.INI file:


Networks that require this setting include Banyan VINES 4.0 and DCA 10Net. This requirement is also documented in the SYSINI.TXT file included on the Windows 3.00 distribution disks.

Note that this setting is NOT required for any network for which the network vendor has provided special Windows 3.00 386 enhanced mode support, such as Novell NetWare.

Some memory-resident software and networks need to be in a critical section to do operations off an INT21 hook. Enabling this switch assures that this will happen by preventing Windows from running other virtual machines when this one has the INDOS flag set.

For additional information, query on Q63843 and Q76264.

Additional reference words: 3.00 win30

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