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Word: IBM PS/2 Model 50Z or 55SX with 3270 Emulation Hangs

PSS ID Number: Q57506 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Running Word version 5.00 on an IBM PS/2 Model 50Z or Model 55SX with the IBM 3270 emulation program may cause the system to hang. This happens using Word’s keyboard driver, BIOSSAFE.KBD, as well as the normal video driver. Activating the emulation in a text mode, or redrawing the screen, does not correct the problem.

A new BIOSSAFE.KBD keyboard driver, dated 3/30/90, corrects this problem. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 454-2030 and request the DW0077 “Additional Video Drivers and Updated Keyboard Drivers” application note. This application note comes with instructions on how to create a new video driver file (SCREEN.VID) with the MAKEVID.EXE utility program provided with Word version 5.00 on the Utilities 2 Disk (3.5-inch Utilities Disk), which incorporates the use of the new BIOSSAFE.KBD keyboard driver.

A workaround for this problem is to use the Library Run command and toggle in and out of the IBM 3270 emulation from the DOS prompt. After completing an emulation session, Word can be re-entered by typing EXIT.

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