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Meaning of Auto Add Resources in Preferences PSS ID Number: Q57487 Article last modified on 04-20-1992 PSS database name: W_WinPRoj

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The Auto Add Resources setting in the Options Preferences dialog box allows you to indicate whether or not you want Microsoft Project for Windows and Macintosh to append, without any user interaction, a new resource to the resource pool.

More Information:

When a new resource is assigned to a task, Project asks, by default, if the resource should be added to the resource pool and, if so, what values and settings should be used. This sequence of events allows you to change the default resource cost, group, code, initials, accrual method, and calendar information.

The Options Preferences setting Auto Add Resources allows you control whether or not you receive a prompt for each new resource. If the suggested defaults are acceptable, or all resources are equal and you can change them all at once, then it may be quicker to set Auto Add Resources to YES and allow Project for to enter the resource and default values unprompted.

This feature is especially useful in cases where you are importing task information into a Project that contains resource assignments, but not resource information. Setting Auto Add Resources to Yes will allow you to import the task information and resource assignments without having to enter the resource information first.

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