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PowerPoint: LaserWriter Gray Scale Options PSS ID Number: Q57446 Article last modified on 06-03-1991 PSS database name: M_PowerPt

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If you are using LaserWriter driver version 6.0 or later, it may be preferable to use only the Color/Grayscale feature offered by the LaserWriter driver, not the gray scale feature provided by Microsoft PowerPoint.

More Information:

When using PowerPoint version 2.00 or 2.01 on a Macintosh II or SE/30, there is an option in the Print dialog box that provides gray scale printing capabilities. This feature was implemented when the current version of the LaserWriter driver was 5.2, which does not support gray scale printing. However, LaserWriter driver 6.0 and later versions support gray scale printing.

The PowerPoint gray scale feature provides up to eight different shades of gray per page.

The LaserWriter Color/Grayscale feature supports approximately 30 shades of gray per page.

Use of the PowerPoint gray scale feature overrides the LaserWriter Color/Grayscale feature.

If inverse gray scale printing is desired with LaserWriter driver 6.0 or higher, click on the Options button in LaserWriter Page Setup and select the Invert Image option.

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