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Passing Common Numeric Types from COBOL to Pascal by Reference

PSS ID Number: Q57439 Article last modified on 12-06-1990

3.00 3.00a MS-DOS

Summary: The two programs shown below demonstrate how a Microsoft COBOL program can pass common numeric data types to Pascal. This information about interlanguage calling applies to Microsoft COBOL versions 3.00 and 3.00a for MS-DOS.

More Information: For more examples of passing other types of parameters between COBOL and Pascal, query on the following word: COB2PAS For a complete discussion about mixed-language programming with COBOL, search in the Software/Data Library for the following word: COBMIXED

Code Example

To demonstrate these programs from an .EXE program, compile and link as follows: COBOL COB.CBL; PAS1 P.PAS ; PAS2 LINK /NOE COB MINITP P,,,LCOBOL LIBPASE; Please note that the above Pascal library LIBPASE.LIB might be called LIBPASER.LIB, depending on how you installed Pascal. The following COBOL program is COB.CBL, which calls a Pascal procedure and passes an integer and a long integer by value. After returning from the Pascal procedure, both values are displayed. $SET LITLINK IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 FIELD1 PIC 9(4) COMP-5 VALUE 123. 01 FIELD2 PIC 9(8) COMP-5 VALUE 123456. PROCEDURE DIVISION. CALL “P_PProg” USING FIELD1, FIELD2. DISPLAY “Returned PIC 9(4):” FIELD1. DISPLAY “Returned PIC 9(8):” FIELD2. STOP RUN. The following program is P.PAS, which assigns values to the passed parameters: module pproc; procedure PProg(vars i : integer; vars j : integer4); begin i := 206; j := 98765; end; end. COB.EXE produces the following output: Returned PIC 9(4): 00206 Returned PIC 9(8): 000098765

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