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Installing Paintbrush 4.00 on Two Floppy Disks

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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Paintbrush for MS-DOS, version 4.0


The following steps are involved in installing Paintbrush 4.0 on two 360K 5.25-inch disks or two 760K 3.5-inch floppy disks:

  1. Place the Setup Disk in Drive A and type the following at the A prompt:


  2. Instructions appear on the screen in the following sequence:

    1. Press C to continue.
    2. Press F to set up the Paintbrush program disks.
    3. Press D to copy the MS Paintbrush program to floppy disks.
    4. Format two disks and label them "A" and "B".
    5. Press C to continue.
    6. Place Disk B in Drive A and the Paintbrush Program disk in Drive B.
    7. Press C to continue. The display reads as follows:

      Pbsetup is ready to copy the rest of MS Pbrush to disk 'A'.

    8. Put Disk A in Drive A and the Paintbrush Setup disk in Drive B.
    9. Press C to continue.
    10. Place the Paintbrush Utility Disk in Drive B.
    11. Press C to continue. The display reads as follows:

      The copying of MS Paintbrush to floppy diskettes is complete. You must now continue to select the display adapter, printer and printer port to be used.

    12. Press C to continue.
    13. Press C to continue.
    14. Choose Adapter, then press ENTER.
    15. Press C to continue.
    16. Make sure the Paintbrush Setup Disk is in Drive B.
    17. Press C to continue. The display reads as follows:

      Display adapter information recorded.

    18. Press C to continue. The display reads as follows:

      This procedure records information about the printer.

    19. Press C to continue.
    20. Choose Printer, then press ENTER.
    21. Place the Paintbrush Utilities Disk in Drive B.
    22. Press Cto continue.
    23. Press Q to quit.

Deleting TINYFRZ.COM from Disk A releases an additional 4.8K of disk space on Disk A for a total of approximately 87K, varying with the adapter and printer choices.

The paint program is run with Disk A in Drive A and Disk B in Drive B. Disk B contains the PBRUSH.EXE file; the remainder of the files are on Disk A. Additional query words: paint brush 4.00 noupd set up

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Last Reviewed: October 28, 1999
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