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OS/2 Error When Starting Word in a Protected Mode Session

PSS ID Number: Q52011 Article last modified on 11-02-1994


OS/2 | 1.20 1.30


If the OS/2 version 1.20 or 1.30 “SYS2070” or “SYS0193” error is displayed when you try to start Microsoft Word version 5.00 in a protected mode session, the overlays in the executable file may not have been combined properly.

Make sure that Word is installed using the Setup program. Setup automatically combines the WORD.EXE, WORD.OVL, and SPELL.OVL files into one large (approximately 660K) WORD.EXE file that is necessary for Word to run under OS/2. If these files remain as separate files, the “SYS2070” or “SYS0193” error will be displayed.

If this message is received even after installing Word with Setup, it is probable that Setup could not combine the overlays properly. If this occurs, it is recommended that you boot up using DOS and then install Word. This method should build a WORD.EXE file that executes properly under DOS as well as OS/2.

This configuration has not been tested with Word 5.50.

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