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Works 2.0: Setup Fails on a Dual Floppy System

PSS ID Number: Q51653 Article last modified on 06-12-1996




It has been reported that the version 2.0 Microsoft Works for MS-DOS Setup program fails if you attempt to update the CONFIG.SYS file on the following systems when a hard drive is not present:

Hyundai 16TE Hyundai 286c Leading Edge Model D


To workaround this problem, use the following steps:

  1. Run Setup again and choose No when asked if you want to modify CONFIG.SYS. Setup will ask this twice: once to modify the FILES setting and once to remove a DEVICE line for a mouse if one exists. (In Works 2.0, if you choose to use a mouse, the mouse driver MOUSE.COM is activated from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.)

  2. When Setup is complete, insert the MS-DOS boot disk and make sure it contains a CONFIG.SYS file with a line that reads FILES=15. If no CONFIG.SYS file exists, type the following at the A prompt to create it:


  3. Reboot the computer, insert the Works 2.0 working copy disk, and type “works” (without the quotation marks).

The program should now function correctly.

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