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PRB: /PACKCODE Incompatible with IOPL Segments w/ LINK 5.01.21

PSS ID Number: 50702

Article Last Modified on 11/4/1999

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft LINK for OS/2 5.01.21

This article was previously published under Q50702


LINK Version 5.01.21 does not support the combination of using the /PACKCODE switch and having code segments declared as IOPL (i.e., as having I/O privilege).

When combining segments as directed by the /PACKCODE option, LINK 5.01.21 will combine the IOPL segment(s) with other segments that do not have I/O privilege. The result is an invalid executable that returns the system error SYS1059 when it is invoked.


The lack of ability to combine these options is a limitation of this particular linker version. LINK Version 5.03 allows the combination of /PACKCODE and IOPL segments without a problem.

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