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COBOL 3.00 Can’t Program with OS/2 Presentation Manager Calls

PSS ID Number: Q49963 Article last modified on 10-26-1989

3.00 3.00a OS/2

Summary: Microsoft COBOL Compiler Versions 3.00 and 3.00a do not support programming with the GPI (Graphics Programming Interface) under MS OS/2 Presentation Manager for several reasons: 1. Microsoft COBOL has no facility for obtaining the address of a procedure. The address of a procedure is required for registering a program with Presentation Manager. 2. A Microsoft COBOL routine must be called using the “far Pascal” calling convention, but Presentation Manager calls routines using the C calling convention. This requires that some form of translator routine be written in another language such as C or assembly. Using routines written in another language (C or assembly, for example) should make it possible to overcome these limitations. These routines could then be linked to a Microsoft COBOL program and enable that COBOL program to interface with the Presentation Manager. Micro Focus currently has a version of COBOL that allows application programs to be written using Presentation Manager. This is a completely separate product produced solely by Micro Focus and has not been tested by Microsoft. Micro Focus can be reached at (800) 872-6265.

More Information: Aside from the above limitations, Microsoft COBOL Compiler Versions 3.00 and 3.00a can still create character-based programs that run in a window or full screen under MS OS/2 Presentation Manager. The advantages of running under OS/2 include huge code capacity (taking advantage of OS/2’s 16-megabyte memory addressing plus virtual memory), and the ability to run multiple programs at once.

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