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Word 5.0: DEC LNO3R Prints Only One Copy Under DECNET

PSS ID Number: Q49209 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




It has been reported that Word version 5.0 on the DECNET PCAC network prints only one valid print job before failing. The next print job sent to the printer prints the banner page and a page with the error message, “LPS-e flushing. Rest of job to EOJ will be ignored.” Print files copied to the printer with the .INI information appended to the beginning of the file show the same result.


To correct this problem, load the DECLN03R.INI file into Word and remove or comment out the following blocks (comments in PostScript are created by preceding the line with two percent symbols [%%]):

userdict /msinifile known {msinifile (DECLN03R) eq {stop} if} if serverdict begin (LN03R) exitserver userdict /msorigstate known {msorigstate restore} if save /msorigstate exch def /msinifile (DECLN03R) def

These are the only lines that are uncommented in the first block, and are the ones that need to be commented out using the %% code.

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