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Word 5.00 Ruler Expands

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Word Version 5.00 expands the ruler when it finds a smaller than 12 point, fixed-width font in the screen buffer area. The screen buffer area is the current screen, the previous screen, and the next screen. Word uses these screen buffers to prepare the next and previous screen of text. This allows Word to quickly scroll the next screen onto the current screen when you press PGDN, for instance. If your current screen is formatted for Courier 12, but the next screen contains Times-Roman 12, a proportional font smaller than Courier 12, Word will expand the current screen ruler to indicate the true line breaks of the document.

Setting the Options “show line breaks:” field to No does not allow the ruler to stretch. A side effect of setting the Options “show layout:” field to Yes is that it turns on the “show line breaks:” field. This is to better approximate the printed output.

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