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Underlined Characters Thinner When Small Caps Is Used

PSS ID Number: Q48527 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, versions 3.0 , 3.01, 3.02, 4.0 5.0


In Microsoft Word, when underlined text contains characters created using small caps, the line under these characters is not as thick as it is with normal characters.

When the small caps format is used, the Macintosh Font Manager reduces the character size and other formatting applied to the selected characters. Since thinner underlines are used for smaller font sizes, the apparent thickness of underlined text with the small caps formatting is different. This difference does not appear until the document is printed. This behavior is common to most Macintosh word processing programs.

One possible workaround is to apply a paragraph border to the bottom of the paragraph. This will create a paragraph with a uniform thickness under the paragraph, regardless of the character format.

To apply a paragraph border below a single line of text, use the following steps:

  1. Select the paragraphs to be formatted.
  2. From the Format menu, choose Paragraph.
  3. Click the Borders button and select the appropriate border placement and thickness.

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