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Converting a Document from XyWrite to Word for Macintosh PSS ID Number: Q48520 Article last modified on 08-17-1993 PSS database name: APpsConV

3.00 3.01 3.02 4.00



There are two ways to bring a document originally created in XyWrite on an IBM or compatible into Word for the Macintosh versions 3.x or 4.00:

  1. The first method is as follows:

    1. Create a print file in XyWrite.

    2. Load the file into Word. Search for each specific control code and replace with nothing.

  2. The second method is as follows:

    1. Use the Word-to-Word conversion utility. It is available from XyQuest by calling (508) 671-0888. This utility converts a normally formatted XyWrite file to a formatted Word file for the PC.

    2. Transfer the document to a Macintosh disk and read it into Word for the Macintosh.

Additional reference words: noupd textconv

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