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Choosing Fonts from Keyboard by Name or Font ID Number

PSS ID Number: Q48514 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

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  • == Microsoft Word for the Macintosh versions 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 ==


To set a font from the keyboard in Microsoft Word version 4.00, do the following:

  2. The word “Font” appears in the status box of the window.
  3. Type enough of the first few letters of the name of the font you want to establish it as unique; for example, Helv for Helvetica.
  4. Press RETURN.
  5. To change the font size from the keyboard, press COMMAND+SHIFT+> to increase or COMMAND+SHIFT+< to decrease the font size.


You can also type the ID number for the font instead of typing the name of the font.

The Macintosh System recognizes font names or ID numbers. Word uses only the font ID number, which may occasionally be different than the expected font.

The Font/DA Mover can change the ID number of a font. If you install a font number that has already been installed (for example, Boston and Zapf Dingbats have the same ID numbers), another number is substituted. To correct the printing of incorrect fonts, remove and reinstall the changed fonts.

The following are common font IDs (these numbers are for reference purposes only, and may differ from machine to machine):

Name Font ID —- ——-

Chicago 0 Geneva 1 New York 2 Geneva 3 Monaco 4 Venice 5 London 6 Athens 7 San Francisco 8 Toronto 9 Seattle 10 Cairo 11 Los Angeles 12 Zapf Dingbats 13 Bookman 14 Helvetica Narrow 15 Palatino 16 Zapf Chancery 18 Times 20 Helvetica 21 Courier 22 Symbol 23 Mobile 24 Avant Garde 33 New Century Schoolbook 34

It is also possible to assign a keyboard command to a specific font or font size in Word 4.00 through the Commands command on the Edit menu. For more information on Word 4.00’s custom menus and keyboard feature, see pages 197-199 of the “Reference to Microsoft Word” version 4.0 manual.

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