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OS/2 Err Msg: PMV4003: Cannot Start Microsoft Word 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q47837 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




There are at least three reasons for the OS/2 error message “PMV4003: Cannot start Microsoft Word 5.00: Ensure that the program information for this title is correct and that there is enough memory.”

  1. Variables are not set correctly in CONFIG.SYS.

    Add the statements IOPL=YES and MEMMAN=SWAP,MOVE to CONFIG.SYS.

  2. The information specified in the Add Programs box in OS/2 is not correct.

    Check the parameter settings and try running Word 5.00 as a full screen application. Make sure the full path to WORD.EXE is specified.

  3. There is not enough memory to start the program.

    Run the CHKDSK command to determine available memory. Since 384K is the minimum available memory requirement for running Word 5.00, this must be present before the program can be loaded into memory.

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